The Queen of Cozy Mountain (Cozy Mountain Mysteries Book 2)

Emma has inherited a Victorian mansion full of antiques and wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Starting a hospitality business when she has no experience presents many challenges, especially when uninvited guests keep showing up demanding to be given rooms in a bed and breakfast that is not yet open.Although estranged from her best friend, Abby, Emma can still depend on her other friends to lend a hand. Unfortunately, Cozy Mountain is full of self-declared experts eager to spy on her every move and spread evil gossip about her plans. To make matters worse, the resident ghosts aren't happy with the renovations and are making their feelings known.As if Emma hasn’t got enough stress, someone has attempted to kill both a workman and a new client, and she needs to figure out who the culprit is before they strike again.The Grandview Boulevard class war is headed for a showdown with Emma right in the middle. Will Emma end up the Queen of Cozy Mountain or will she lose her head?The Queen of Cozy Mountain is the second book in the Cozy Mountain Mystery series.

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Book Title: The Queen of Cozy Mountain (Cozy Mountain Mysteries Book 2)

Book Author: Pamela Grandstaff

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