I Love Yoga Notebook: A Yoga Quotes Book With Motivational, Inspirational and Funny Sayings About Life and Yoga (Cute Journals and Composition Books for Women and Teen Girls)

Increase Creativity, Memory, and Intelligence! Could you use a little motivation every now and then? How would you like to increase your creativity? To organize your life? Notebooks are a quick and effective way to easily accomplish all this and much more. If you love yoga, the I Love Yoga Notebookis a notebook that's sure to help your mind, body and spirit. Imagine having your own genie to whisper inspirational phrases in your ear at the most opportune times. This notebook contains 100 inspirational yoga quotes you can read for inspiration and motivation when needed. This means you'll spend more time enjoying yoga and have more peace and calm in your life. If you loved writing in notebooks and diaries in the past, recapture those feelings of creativity, inspiration, and passion with the I Love Yoga Notebook! Increase CreativityWriting by hand has been associated with boosting creativity. Whether you're searching for the next big business idea or for creative ways to express your thoughts, writing in a notebook can give your creative juices more punch. This means coming up with better ideas more quickly and easier than before. Imagine the how a boost in creativity will make you feel at work, home or at school. Your next great idea may be write at the tips of your fingers waiting to be expressed on the pages of the I Love Yoga Notebook. Improve Your MemoryStudies show that writing by hand with a pen or pencil improves the strength and length of memories. Manual note taking has an advantage over digital notes. The Association for Psychological Science proclaimed "taking notes by hand is better than taking notes on a laptop". How will you take advantage of this knowledge to gain an edge on your competition at school, work, or business? How will better understanding make things better for you? Technology is designed to speed up tasks, not for user improvement. Remember, you're not taking notes to refer to later, you're writing it down to remember it now!Because you desire comprehension and understanding rather than simple transcription, the I Love Yoga Notebook is a must. Achieve Your Goals and Organize Your LifeWrite down accomplishments with your exercise habits, weight loss, and other life goals. Look back feel good about yourself and all you've done. Besides capturing goals and dreams, capture important tasks, notes, and phone numbers. Use the I Love Yoga Notebook to organize your life. Evoke MindfulnessJournaling tends to evoke a state of mindfulness in the writer. A greater state of mindfulness means a greater sense of well being, improved physical health, and improved mental health. This correlates to relief from depression, anxiety, and stress. How will you benefit from a greater state of mindfulness you achieve from journaling in the I Love Yoga Notebook? What Really Matters?Think about the importance of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, property deeds, or even the laws that govern our society...the stuff that really matters goes onto paper! Stop limiting yourself and start generating better ideas, more mindfulness, and greater organization now with the I Love Yoga Notebook.Buy the I Love Yoga Notebook today, make what you write matter!

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Book Title: I Love Yoga Notebook: A Yoga Quotes Book With Motivational, Inspirational and Funny Sayings About Life and Yoga (Cute Journals and Composition Books for Women and Teen Girls)

Book Author: Penelope Pewter

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ISBN: 172123229X